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In his New Year's speech, Putin briefly mentioned Ukraine.
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In his New Year’s speech, Putin briefly mentioned Ukraine.

In his New Year address on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned his soldiers’ courage in the ongoing war in Ukraine, but focused primarily on promoting unity and collective determination, with his upcoming election in March in mind.

The pre-recorded speech was broadcasted right before midnight in all 11 of Russia’s time zones. This year’s address was very different from last year’s, where he stood with serious-looking soldiers and urged for sacrifice in a battle for survival.

“To all those stationed at the frontlines of the ongoing battle for truth and justice: You are our heroes, and our hearts are with you. We are proud of you and admire your bravery,” stated Putin, with the iconic Kremlin walls as a backdrop.

The country of Ukraine was not specifically stated, nor was the term “special military operation” used by Putin to refer to the war that he initiated in February 2022 by deploying Russia’s military into Ukraine.

After quashing all major opposition groups and silencing any forms of political disagreement, the 71-year-old leader is guaranteed to secure victory in the election and continue his 24-year-long rule.

However, in recent months, as the war has reached a stalemate, he has softened his previously forceful and patriotic statements regarding Ukraine. Instead, he has focused more on economic and inflation concerns, which are likely to resonate more with voters.

He stated that we have demonstrated multiple times our ability to overcome the toughest challenges and we will not back down, as no power can separate us.

The speaker did not address the reported casualties of Russian troops, which are believed to be in the hundreds of thousands, nor did they mention the constant spread of the conflict beyond its borders. This was illustrated in the Ukrainian assault on Belgorod, a city just 34 kilometers away from the border, which occurred on Saturday.

The rebellion in June led by the deceased Yevgeny Prigozhin, who headed the Wagner private military company, was not mentioned in Putin’s speech.

Putin depicted Russia and its citizens as cohesive, supportive, and resolute in safeguarding national interests, freedom, security, and values.

He stated that society has come together in striving towards the greater good. Our minds, labor, and struggles are unified, whether it be on regular days or special occasions, showcasing the fundamental characteristics of the Russian people – unity, compassion, and resilience.