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An investigation has been launched in Ukraine following an attack on a brigade.
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An investigation has been launched in Ukraine following an attack on a brigade.

On Sunday, Ukraine announced that it had launched a criminal probe following a Russian missile attack that resulted in the death of several soldiers during what was reported as an “award ceremony” near the frontlines earlier this week.

According to local news sources, a minimum of 20 military personnel lost their lives in the assault. The incident occurred on Friday while a brigade was assembling to receive accolades in Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhzhia region.

In a speech on Sunday evening, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that this was a preventable tragedy.

He stated that a criminal investigation has been initiated regarding the tragedy.

The circumstances surrounding the strike and the number of casualties could not be immediately confirmed by AFP.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian military confirmed that soldiers from the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade were killed in a missile attack on Friday. However, they did not disclose the number of casualties.

The army reported that a missile, specifically an Iskander-M, was launched by Russia towards the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, resulting in the deaths of soldiers and causing injuries to civilians of different levels of seriousness.

A Ukrainian soldier posted on social media that 22 individuals from the brigade were killed, while also criticizing the commanders for organizing the ceremony.

Soldier Ivan Savytskyy stated that while many are saying “Heroes died,” it would be more accurate to say “Heroes became victims.”

“He stated that they fell prey to the most extreme manifestation of military traditionalism.”

During a briefing on Saturday, the Russian defense ministry announced that they had successfully defeated a Ukrainian assault unit in Zaporizhzhia, resulting in the deaths of approximately 30 individuals.

The governor of Ukraine’s Zakarpattia region, Victor Mykyta, announced that a three-day mourning period will begin on Monday in the western part of the country where the assault brigade is stationed.

On Sunday, he stated that our heroes will continue to be alive as long as their memory and actions are remembered.