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A resident of Ukraine's apartment strives to manage life after being affected by a bombing carried out by Russia.
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A resident of Ukraine’s apartment strives to manage life after being affected by a bombing carried out by Russia.

After enduring nearly two years of warfare, Olena Ohiievych promptly began addressing the destruction caused by the recent Russian air strikes on Kyiv and its surrounding areas in her apartment.

The temperature outside was low and expected to drop even further.

According to Ohiievych, 25, who oversees social media accounts, there are no remaining windows or balcony. The balcony doors are broken and the window glass and frames have been removed from every room. Plans are in place to replace and repair these items.

The recent strike, carried out by missiles and drones during the night, marked the second significant attack on the city in the span of five days. The assault resulted in two fatalities and numerous injuries, prompting officials to predict a potential escalation in further attacks.

A fire burns after a Russian missile strike in Kyiv, Ukraine, Jan. 2, 2024.

On January 2, 2024, a fire was ignited in Kyiv, Ukraine following a missile attack by Russia.

Wearing a vibrant pink ski jacket and scarf, despite the temperature being just above zero degrees Celsius, Ohiievich was resolute in staying inside her apartment located in the western outskirts of Kyiv.

She had already asked a group of friends to measure the windows.

She said that her plan for today is to put film over the window. If they run out of time, they will go stay with her parents in the countryside.

I am confident that by working together with my friends, we will be able to accomplish our goal, at least for the initial few days. This will allow us to endure the cold weather and spend the night here.

A view shows a residential building heavily damaged during a Russian missile attack, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in central Kharkiv, Ukraine, Jan. 2, 2024.

A scene displays a residential structure significantly destroyed from a Russian missile strike, amidst Russia’s assault on Ukraine in central Kharkiv on January 2, 2024.

In the outdoor area, the inhabitants examined the damage caused by shrapnel on the front of the tall building and collected broken glass and window frames into a truck.

According to Ohiievich, she was fortunate to have escaped injury.

“The structure started to tremble,” she explained, making quick hand motions. “I feared it would crumble, crushing us, with the wall behind us collapsing and ending everything.”

In just a matter of seconds, individuals who were inside and sitting on the ground were engulfed in dust, resulting in impaired vision. However, they were fortunate enough to not sustain any injuries.

“The wall probably rescued us,” she stated while observing the surroundings. “The only thing that collapsed was the stucco, nothing else. Luckily, there was no shrapnel. The mirror remains intact. We made sure to keep our distance from it.”