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A prominent American politician expresses high hopes for negotiations with Ukraine and the border agreement.
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A prominent American politician expresses high hopes for negotiations with Ukraine and the border agreement.

As U.S. congressional negotiators worked deep into the weekend in a bid to craft an urgent deal linking aid to Ukraine and Israel to new border security, one top Democrat said he was “very optimistic” about a resolution.

Senator Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat, expressed his strong support and optimism for the positive direction in which they are moving during an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union.”

He stated that he had communicated with representatives from both sides, as well as the President’s office, and “they recognize that the border is dysfunctional” and requires resolution.

Three members of the Senate, including independent Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat Chris Murphy, and Republican James Lankford, met on Saturday and planned to reconvene on Sunday with the goal of reaching a compromise that would provide assistance to Taiwan.

According to Politico, all three individuals reported progress following the Saturday discussions.

However, Senator Lindsey Graham, a senior Republican, expressed more caution on Sunday and indicated that certain legislators may be resisting the push for a speedy agreement.

Graham expressed to NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he feels like they are being pressured and that a deal is still far from being reached. The negotiations will continue into the following year.

The Biden administration has emphasized the immediacy of providing additional assistance, especially as Ukraine prepares for another winter amidst continued aggression from Russia.

The Democrats are in favor of a suggested $61 billion plan that includes military, humanitarian, and economic aid.

However, Graham and other members of the Republican party argue that before anything else, Congress must focus on strengthening border security in order to control the ongoing surge of immigrants.

He stated that a concession was feasible, but cautioned Democrats that he will not assist Ukraine, Taiwan, or Israel until a border that has been completely destroyed is secured.

The legislators were scheduled to begin their recess on Thursday evening.

However, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer announced on Thursday that the chamber will reconvene on Monday to allow for further negotiations and potentially reach a “framework agreement.”

If an agreement is made in the Senate, it must also be approved by the House of Representatives which is currently in recess for the holidays. The House members have the possibility of being summoned back to Washington to vote if a deal is reached.